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VMP Faculty

Troy-BankheadTroy Bankhead

Mechanisms of persistence and virulence associated with the Lyme disease spirochete, Borrelia burgdorferi

Office: 509-335-7106
Lab: 509-335-7288

Thomas E. Besser, DVM, PhD, DACVM Thomas E. Besser

Epidemiology of zoonotic bacterial agents in their domestic animal reservoirs

Office: 509-335-6075
Lab: 509-335-6086

Santanu-BoseSantanu Bose

Innate immune antiviral host defense and inflammation

Office: 509-335-9413
Lab: 509-335-7642

Kelly-BraytonKelly A. Brayton

Functional genomics of vector-borne pathogens

Office: 509-335-6340 
Lab: 509-335-1851

William-DavisWilliam C. Davis

Mechanisms regulating the immune response to pathogens and protozoan parasites

Office: 509-335-6051 
Lab: 509-335-6058

Rocio CrespoRocio Crespo

Pathogenesis and diagnosis of avian diseases, food safety, new tests methods development and validation

Lab: 253-445-4537

Gary-HaroldsonGary J. Haldorson

Teaching, diagnostic duties within the Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory

Office: 509-335-6332

Michele Hardy Michele Hardy

Innate immune and gut mucosal immune responses to enteric viruses

Office: 509-335-6030


Stephen A. Hines, DVM, PhD, DACVP Steve Hines

Office: 509-335-6069 
Lab: 509-335-6096

Douglas-JasmerDouglas P. Jasmer

Molecular and cellular parasitology; host-pathogen interactions; parasitic nematodes

Office: 509-335-6040
Lab: 509-335-6090

Donald-KnowlesDonald P. Knowles

Infectious Disease Biologist, current emphasis on Theileriosis in cattle and horses

Office: 509-335-6022 
Lab: 509-335-6056

Robert H. Mealey, DVM, PhD Robert H. Mealey

Immune control of persistent blood-borne viral and parasitic infections

Office: 509-335-6672
Lab: 509-335-6026

Danielle-NelsonDanielle Nelson

Infectious diseases of ruminants
and fish

Office: 509-335-6023

NicolaAnthony V. Nicola

Virus entry, herpes simplex virus, viral glycoproteins, membrane fusion, virus-cell interactions

Office: 509-335-6003
Lab: 509-335-6062

Susan NohSusan Noh

Tick borne diseases: vector - pathogen interface and the interface between the pathogen and the mammalian host

Office: 509-335-6162

Allen Pessier Allan Pessier

Aquatic, zoo animal and wildlife pathology

Office: 509 335-3877

Kathleen-PotterKathleen A. Potter

Diagnostic Pathology

Office: 509 335-7259
Lab: 509 335-9696

David-PrieurDavid J. Prieur

Genetic diseases of animals this especially those that are models for human genetic diseases

Office: 509-335-6030
Lab: 509-335-6088

Josh Ramsay Joshua D. Ramsay

Diagnostic pathology, pathogen discovery, immunology, and infectious disease pathogenesis

Office: 509-335-3725

Devendra H. Shah Devendra H. Shah

Food and water-borne bacterial diseases; avian infectious diseases

Office: 509-335-6071

Kevin R Snekvik, DVM, PhD Kevin R. Snekvik

Diagnostic pathology; diseases of fish and other aquatic animals; comparative immunology  

Office: 509-335-6331

Stephen WhiteStephen White

Molecular and quantitative approaches in investigating host genetics of infectious disease susceptibility 

Office: 509-335-7407

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