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Catolog # Clone Description Ig isotype
G-Bov2001 MHC CL I H58A G2a
G-Bov2002 MHC CL I PT85A G2a
G-Bov2003 MHC CL II HLA-DP like H42A G2a
G-Bov2004 MHC CL II BoLA-DR TH14B G2a
G-Bov2005 MHC CL II BoLA-DQ TH81A G2a
G-Bov2006 CD1b TH97A G2a
G-Bov2007 CD2 BAQ95A G1
G-Bov2008 CD2 MUC2A G2a
GT2001 GC1A CD4 G2a
G-BOV2011 GC50A CD4 M
GT2002 17D CD4 G1
GT2003 BAGB45A CD5 G1
G-BOV2015 BAQ91A CD6 G1
G-BOV2017 CACT80C CD8α G1
G-BOV2019 7C2B CD8α G2a
G-BOV2020 BAT82A CD8β G1
G-BOV2023 HUH73A CD11a G1
G-BOV2025 MM12A CD11b G1
G-BOV2026 BAQ153A CD11c M
G-BOV2029 BAQ30A CD18 G1
G-BOV2031 GB25A CD21 G1
G-BOV202034 FW4-101 CD29 G1
G-BOV2036 CAPP2A CD41 G1
G-BOV2027 CAM36A CD14 G1
G-BOV2028 CAM66A CD14 M
G-BOV2037 BAG40A CD44 G3
G-BOV2040 GS5A CD45R G1
G-BOV2041 GC6A CD45R M
G-BOV2042 ILA116A CD45R0 G3
G-DG2009 DH16B CD45RB G1
G-BOV2045 TH17A CD47 M
G-BOV2079 FW3-218 CD49d G2b
GT2010 DU1-29 CD62L G1
G-BOV2058 GB21A TCR1 δ chain G2b
G-BOV2056 CACTB6A TCR1-N6 γ chan? M
G-GT2011 86D TCR1-N6 γ chan? G1
G-BOV2050 B7A1 WC1-(N1 epitope) M
G-BOV2053 BAQ4A WC1-(N2 epitope) G1
G-BOV2054 CACTB32A WC1-(N3 epitope) G1
G-BOV2055 BAQ89A WC1-( N4 epitope) G1
G-BOV2052 GB54A WC1-(N25 epitope) G2a
G-BOV2051 GB45A WC1-(N26 epitope) G1
G-BOV2060 PIG45A2 IgM G2b
G-BOV2062 BIG715A IgG1 G1
G-BOV2063 BIG501E λ chain G1
G-BOV202064 BAQ44A B (B-B2) M
G-BOV2074 CACT116A CD25 G1
G-BOV2075 GB112A CD25 G1
G-BOV2076 LCTB2A CD25 G3
G-BOV2038 BAT31A CD44 G1
G-BOV2012 GB26A B cells M
G-BOV212 ILA29 WC1 G1
GT2012 CVR18A Lymphocytes mono G1
GT2013 BAGB20A CD45 predicted G1
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