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Monoclonal Antibodies for use in Hamsters

Hamster Species Reactivity shopping page

Catalog # Description Clone Ig isotype
HM-BOV2001 H58A MHC I G2a
HM-BOV2003 H42A MHC II G2a
HM2002 HAB2A Pan T G1
HM2003 HAT19A Pan T = HAB2A G2a
HM2004 CD4 predicted HAB1A G1
HM2005 CD4 predicted HAL36A G2a
HM2006 B HAL17A G2a
HM2007 B HASA7A G1
HM2008 B HAT3A M
HM2009 Pan lymphocyte HAB6B G2a
HM2010 Pan lymphocyte HASA18A M
HM-BOV2029 CD18 BAQ30A G1
HM2011 CD45 predicted HASA25A G1
HM2012 CD45 predicted HAT13A G2b
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