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Monoclonal Antibodies for use in Horses

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  Catalog #   Clone   Description Ig isotype
HR-BOV2001 H58A MHC I G2a
HR-BOV2002 PT85A MHC I G2a
HR-BOV2003 H42A MHC II G2a
HR-BOV2005 TH81A5 MHC II G2a
HRS2001 HB88A CD2 G1
HRS2002 HB61A CD4 G1
HRS2003 HB65A CD4 sub G2a
HRS2004 HB86A CD4 sub G1
HRS2005 HB19A CD5 G2a
HRS2006 HT23A CD5 G1
HRS2007 HT14A CD8β G1
HRS2008 ETC142B1A CD8α G2a
HRS2017 73/6.9.1 CD8α G3
HR-BOV2023 HUH73A CD11a G1
HRS2010 H20A CD18 G1
HR-BOV2037 BAG40A CD44 G3
HR-BOV2038 BAT31A CD44 G1
HRS2011 HB32A CD45R0 predicted G2a
HRS2012 HB72A CD45R0 predicted G2a
HRS2013 E38A CD45R0 predicted G1
HR-DG2009 DH16A CD45RB M
HR-BOV2049 DH59B CD172a G1
HR-BOV2013 B29A B polymorphic (CD5 in bov) G2a
HR-DG2011 DH24A Granulocytes M
HRS2016 HACT39A Granulocytes G1
HRS2018 1.9/3.2 sIgM G1
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