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Monoclonal Antibodies for use in Pigs

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Catalog # Description Clone Ig isotype
PG2001 MHC CL I 74-11-10 G2b
PG2004 MHC II PG-TH21A G2b
PG2005 MHC II PG-TH22A G2a
PG2006 MHC II MSA3 G2a
PG-BOV2005 MHC II DQ orthologue P-TH81A5 G2a
PG2007 CD2 MSA4 G2a
PG2008 CD2 PGBL23A G1
PG2009 CD2 PG168A G3
PG2010 CD3 8E6 G1
PG2011 CD3 8E6-2b3c G2b
PG2012 CD3 8E6-8C8 G2a
PG2013 CD4 PT90A G2a
PG2014 CD4 74-12-4 G2b
PG2015 CD5 PG114A G1
PG2016 CD6 PG90A G1
PG2017 CD8α PT36A G1
PG2018 CD8α PT81B G2b
PG2019 CD8α 76-2-11 G2a
PG2020 CD8β PG164A G2a
PG2021 CD11a MUC76A G2a
PG-BOV2027 CD14 PG-CAM36A G1
PG2022 CD18 PG-BAQ30A G1
PG-BOV2030 CD18 PG-HUH82A G2a
PG2023 CD25 PGBL25A G1
PG2050 CD27 (SWC2) PG124A G1
PG-BOV2034 CD29 PG-FW4-101 G1
PG-BOV2037 CD44 PG-BAG40A G3
PG-BOV2038 CD44 PG-BAT31A G1
PG2024 CD45 74-9-3A1 M
PG2025 CD45RA PG77A M
PG2026 CD45RA PG96A G1
PG2027 CD45RA PG97A M
PG2028 CD45RA PG167A G1
PG2029 CD45RA PGB78A G2a
PG-BOV2044 CD47 PG-HUH71A G1
PG-BOV2045 CD47 PG-TH17A M
PG2030 CD59 MUC93A G1
PG2031 CD172a (SWC3) 74-22-15A G2b
PG2049 CD172a (SWC3) 74-22-15 G1
PG-BOV2049 CD172a (SWC3) DH59B G1
PG2032 TCR1 δ chain specific PGBL22A G1
PG2033 TCR1 subset PT14A G2a
PG2034 TCR1 subset PT79A G2a
PG2035 TCR1 subset MUC127A G2a
PG2036 SWC4 PG83A G3
PG2037 SWC5 PG92A M
PG2038 Subset SWC6+ γδ T cells PG94A M
PG2039 Subset γδ T cells PGBL24A M
PG2040 Subset γδ T cells PGBL31A G1
PG2041 Subsets γδ CD4 CD8 T cells PG74C M
PG2042 CD8+ CD4 sub, γδ small sub PG104A M
PG2043 B cell and thymocytes 76-7-4 G2a
PG2045 Granulocytes PG68A G1
PG2046 sIgM PG145A M
PG-BOV2060 sIgM PIG45A2 G2b
PG2047 Pan lymphocyte PG89A G1
PG2048 Pan lymphocyte PG106A M
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