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Monoclonal Antibodies for use in Rabbits

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Catalog #   Clone   Description Ig isotype
R-BOV2001 R-H58A MHC I G2a
R-BOV2004 R-TH14B MHC II G2a
RB2001 RTH2A T1 G1
RB2002 RTH21A T2 G1
RB2003 RT22A T2 blocked RTH21A M
RB2004 MRB61A T3 G1
RB2005 RTH26A T4 = ken5 G2a
RB2006 RTH1A CD4 G1
RB2007 RTH192A CD5 G1
RB2008 ISC16A CD8 M
RB2009 ISC27A CD8 G2a
RB2010 ISC29E CD8 G1
RB2011 ISC38A CD8 G1
R-BOV2021 RH1A CD9 G3
R-BOV2023 HUH73A CD11a G1
RB2021 RT18A CD11b M
R-BOV2027 CAM36A CD14 G1
R-BOV2029 BAQ30A CD18 G1
R-BOV2030 HUH82A CD18 G2a
R-BOV2037 BAG40A CD44 G3
RB2022 ISC18A CD45 G2a
RB2023 ISC39A CD45 G1
RB2024 ISC76A CD45 M
RB2025 RTH32A CD58 M
RB2026 RTH33A CD58 G1
RB2012 RACT19A CD4 CD8 SUB CD28? M
RB2013 RACT20A Basophils and sub CD4 CD8 G1
RB2014 MRB120A Granulocytes, basophils, monocytes G1
RB2015 MRB25A B M
RB2031 MRB143A B M
R-BOV2064 BAQ44A B subs CD4 CD8 M
RB2017 RT19A B sub M
RB2018 MRB107A B sub G1
RB2019 MRB102A Pan lymphocyte M
RB2020 RTH186A Pan lymphocyte G1
RB2027 RACT44A Granulocytes M
RB2028 RACT38A Pan leukocyte G1
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