Graduate Programs

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MS/PhD Graduate Programs

VMP, in close collaboration with the Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health, provides advanced training in infectious diseases and immunology with contemporary approaches to investigate transmission and pathogenesis, with the goal of improving animal and human health worldwide. Innovative faculty, state-of the-art facilities and equipment, and a highly collaborative environment foster many opportunities for successful research training and career development.

Department research interests surround a central theme of microbial pathogens and their interactions with animal hosts and the environment. Integrated and complementary programs include:

  • Bacterial and viral respiratory and gastrointestinal disease
  • Innate immunity, immunogenetics, and vaccine development
  • Parasitic infections
  • Persistent viral infections
  • Transmissible Spongioform Encephalopathies
  • Vector-borne diseases
  • Zoonotic and food-borne pathogens

WSU, CVM, VMP, and the Graduate School are committed to providing equal opportunity in services, programs, and employment for individuals with disabilities. Academically qualified students with disabilities are provided with access to the individualized assistance that is consistent with the student’s needs and the essential requirements of the program or course of study in which the student is enrolled. Reasonable accommodations are available for students with a documented disability.