Faculty Profile

Roberta O’Connor

Roberta O’Connor

Associate Professor

Office Phone: 509-335-6335



  • Ph.D: University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine
  • M.S. Cornell University
  • B.S. University of Florida


Veterinary parasitology
Select Publications
  • O’Connor, R.M. and Allred, D.R. (2000) Selection of Babesia bovis-infected erythrocytes for adhesion to endothelial cells coselects for altered variant erythrocyte surface antigen isoforms. J Immunol. 164:2037-45 PMID: PMCID:
  • R.M. O’Connor, J.M. Fung, K.H. Sharp, J. Benner, C. McClung, S. Cushing, E. Lamkin, A. Fomenkov, B. Henrissat, Y. Londer, M. B. Scholz, J. Posfai, S. Malfatti, S.G. Tringe, T. Woyke, R.R. Malmstrom, D. Coleman-Derr, M.A. Altamia, S. Dedrick, S. T. Kaluziak, M.G. Haygood and D.L. Distel. (2014) Gill bacteria enable a novel digestive strategy in a wood-feeding mollusk. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 111(47):E5096-104. PMID: PMCID:
  • Paluszynski, J., Monahan, Z., Williams, M., Lai, O. Morris, C. Burns, P and O’Connor, RM. (2014) Biochemical and functional characterization of CpMuc4, a Cryptosporidium surface antigen that binds to host epithelial cells. Mol. Biochem Parasitol. 193(2):114-21. PMID: PMCID:
  • Lai, O., Morris, C., Ahmed, S., Karim, M.M., Khan, W., Ward, H. and O’Connor, RM. (2011) Serum antibody responses to a polymorphic Cryptosporidium mucin antigen in Bangladeshi children with cryptosporidiosis. AJTMH 85:464-70. PMID: PMCID:
  • O’Connor R. M, P.B. Burns, T. Ha-Ngoc, K. Scarpato, W. Khan, G. Kang, and H. Ward. (2009) The polymorphic mucin antigens CpMuc4 and CpMuc5 are integral to Cryptosporidium parvum infection in vitro. Eukaryotic Cell 8:461-469. PMID: 19168754 PMCID:
  • O’Connor, R.M., Kim, K., Khan, F., and Ward, H. (2003) Expression of Cpgp40/15 in Toxoplasma gondii: a surrogate system for the study of Cryptosporidium glycoprotein antigens. Infect Immun. 71:6027-34. PMID: PMCID: