Policy on Early Data Release from WSU/USDA

Washington State University/USDA-ARS releases data to ensure that our scientific colleagues have access to information that may assist in the search for genes and their biological function. Data releases do not constitute scientific publication. This data is clearly marked on our site as incomplete data, subject to error and possibly even to misidentification. As such it is used at your own risk. Users of this information are encouraged to share their results with Washington State University/USDA-ARS in order to improve annotation of the sequence data. Washington State University/USDA-ARS asks that you acknowledge the source of information obtained from this site in any publication by including the following sentence in both the Materials and Methods and Acknowledgement sections: 'Preliminary sequence data was obtained from Washington State University/USDA-ARS website at'

Similarly, if you display this data or any information derived from it on a Webpage, we ask that you prominently display the following notice on that webpage: 'Preliminary sequence data was obtained from Washington State University/USDA-ARS web site:'

Given that this information is considered preliminary and may contain inaccuracies, it is expected that no one will publish analyses, based on the preliminary data contained in this Website, of genes on a whole chromosome or genome scale without permission from Washington State University. Washington State University plans on publishing the completed and annotated sequence in a peer-reviewed journal as soon as possible.

To use BLAST on the local server you must agree to this policy.

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