Elk Hoof Disease

How can I help?

Every Washington resident is helping!  With the strong support of a group of concerned citizens, the Washington state legislature passed SB 5474 in 2017. The legislation provides state funding to address elk hoof disease.

Follow wildlife regulations and report limping elk. In Washington, review the WDFW website for regulations that require hooves of elk harvested in affected areas to be left onsite and provides a link to report limping elk. Oregon also has an online reporting system for suspected cases of elk hoof disease. And Idaho Has a general wildlife disease online reporting system.  In other states, contact your state department of fish and wildlife for more information.

If you suspect the disease in privately-owned farmed elk or if you would like to have hooves from a harvested elk tested and the state department of wildlife is not interested, work with your veterinarian to submit samples as a WADDL submission

Elk Hoof Disease Research Fund

The principal of this fund shall be used to support the College of Veterinary Medicine's elk hoof disease research and outreach program.

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