The Equine Infectious Diseases Research Program (EQUID)

The Equine Infectious Diseases Research Program (EQUID) at the College of Veterinary Medicine is committed to improving the health and lives of horses. Our research has led to improved diagnostics, treatment protocols, and prevention strategies for infectious vector-borne diseases spread by insects and ticks, as well as infectious respiratory diseases.

Drs. Robert H. Mealey, Donald P. Knowles, and Joshua D. Ramsay, veterinarians and faculty members in the Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology department, are the core EQUID faculty. They also work side-by-side with many graduate students, post-doctoral students, undergraduates, and technicians who are invaluable members of EQUID. EQUID is also partnered with the USDA Agricultural Research Service's Animal Disease Research Unit.

We work to develop research-based solutions to infectious disease problems impacting horses, their owners, and veterinarians. We also train veterinary students and degree-seeking veterinarians in modern biomedical research directed at providing solutions to infectious diseases of horses.

Equid Foals

Veterinarians Nicki Wise and Joshua D. Ramsay with young friends. The EQUID program provides top-tier graduate trainees the research tools to solve current emerging equine infectious disease problems in the U.S. and around the world.

Bob Mealey

To learn more about the EQUID program contact:

Dr. Robert Mealey
(509) 335-6672