The Equine Infectious Diseases Research Program (EQUID)


PortalWhen Portal de La Luisa, a champion Paso Fino stallion, was diagnosed with equine piroplasmosis in 2006, his future looked bleak. Most horses diagnosed with the disease face either life-long quarantine or euthanasia. Caused by the blood parasite Theileria equi, equine piroplasmosis symptoms include fever, lethargy, and anemia. Severe infections can result in death. In the past, horses that survive were infected for life and could infect other horses. But thanks to the leading efforts of WSU’s Equine Infectious Diseases Research Program, along with the cooperation of private and regulatory veterinarians, Portal’s infection was successfully treated and he is back on the national show circuit. He was the 2011 Fiesta of the Spanish Horse Fino Stallion Grand Champion and the 2011 Santa Barbara National Horse Show Fino Stallion Grand Champion.